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About Me

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re trying to see if I’m a good fit for you as a therapist. Of course, you’ll want to learn about my education, training and experience, but also something about why I am drawn to working with someone like you.

I love working with people who are the quirky, creative, sensitive givers of the world that may fall into the trap of perfectionism, people-pleasing and other issues that can go hand in hand with loneliness, depression and anxiety. These tendencies may cause you to feel worn down by life. Eventually they can create deep, internal fault lines that can cause feelings of grief and a loss of identity when the dramatic shifts of inevitable transitions in life occur. When those transitions come, life can feel completely upside down and you may feel broken open.


I particularly enjoy meeting people who are in this space.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (COO6007 in North Carolina) with over 20 years of experience working in a variety of settings including emergency rooms, outpatient mental health clinics, schools and inpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities with people in transitions who feel lost and overwhelmed. My style is warm and accepting, but practical and solution-focused, using humor, creativity and gentle confrontation.


Together we can help you find some immediate relief, but we can also explore the ways your soul may be trying to speak to you with guided imagining, journaling, dream work and other, creative or nature-based practices. Mindfulness and honoring your personal resources/strengths, as well as your individual spirituality, are at the core of many of my interventions including approaches from various modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Transpersonal Therapy, and Motivational interviewing. I’m also a Usui Reiki Master with an understanding of the power of energy to shift our perspectives on what’s possible in our own bodies and lives.

I found my calling in Social Work because of a love of social justice, an understanding of the importance of our relationships with one another, and a desire to better see how we are each products of our family systems, culture and environment. By honoring each person as an individual with unique strengths and seeking to make modifications to dysfunctional systems, or our perspectives on such systems, meaningful changes can occur in the context of a therapy relationship. Helping empower people one on one who may feel marginalized, voiceless or disempowered due to life circumstances is my favorite kind of social justice.


Any and all people are welcome with me and will find a safe, respectful space to grow.

I was a serious ballet dancer and introvert who moved around frequently as a child, carefully checking off all the boxes of what good girls were supposed to do until realizing that I’d shape shifted myself so much for others that I didn’t recognize myself. When I noticed and felt discomfort with the incongruence between my inner and outer worlds, the real revolution began for me! Things like seeking therapy myself, finding yoga, meditation, and Reiki, helped me dismantle and then rebuild a life that felt like my own.


These days I’m a spiritual seeker who is busy fully embodying a life that’s authentically mine. It is because of my own journey that I love working with people who are lost in their own lives, living small, and ready to step into their authenticity but aren’t sure how and feel terrified about the possible fallout. Feeling profoundly out of place in a life you once loved is both surprisingly common and unsettlingly lonely.


If you are ready to live a life of no apologies or permission required and are waking up on a more spiritual path, then you belong here. I’ve been there too. Let me help you rediscover some magic of your own.

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